Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's started

Last night I did a sprint to mow the lawn before it got dark. I mowed most of the front lawn in pitch black, although I managed to do a very neat job even if I do say so myself. Mowing the lawn counts as cardio doesn't it...

I'm going to do a couple of level 10 3 minute sprints on the stationary bike tonight and I'm going to work at least one in per night. Tomorrow I'm doing my first weight training day, BFL style, it'll be supersets for biceps and triceps. My 3 weight training days will be Monday Wednesday and Friday. Monday will be chest and back, Wednesday will be legs and abs, Friday will be arms. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday will be cardio. On Saturday I'll get up early and go for a long road bike ride.

Mowing the lawn doesn't count...


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