Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Running late

I just finished doing some work, which had to be done before tomorrow morning, and thought I'd make a couple of confessions.

I didn't get around to doing my chest and back workout on Monday. The dog had the runs and my morning exercise time was spent cleaning up dog crap. Yes, fun fun fun.

I did manage to find time to do the chest and back workout on Tuesday, yesterday, however I completely blew off the cardio since the exercise bike is still broken. Today is/was Wednesday and I forgot to do the leg workout. It completely slipped my mind probably because I was busy at work.

Anyway, I'll be doing the leg workout tomorrow, Thursday, and will post a note about how it goes.

I'm also planning on posting images of my Body For Life exercise plans/results. Ii haven't really been following the plan thus far and I think that posting the plans will enforce a little discipline/structure on the routine.

Oh well, excuses excuses...


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